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Python Mathematical Operators Flashcards

Customizable flashcards for learning the Python mathematical operators. Cards can be studied online.

Python Mathematical Operators Flashcards example

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Python is a great general purpose programming language with a wide variety of applications. Some uses for the language include web apps, automation, and scientific computing. Python success stories include collaborative drug discovery at AstraZeneca, animation at Disney, and many parts of the YouTube website. The customizable and printable flashcards on this page are designed to help you learn the mathematical operators commonly used in the Python language. With this knowledge you may not have all the tools you need to build the next great web app, but calculating the compound interest on your bank account should be well within your reach.

This flashcard set contains the syntax and names of 10 Python mathematical operators. The operators included in the set are addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, floor division, modulo, negation, absolute value, exponent, and square root. You can customize the cards to include or exclude the syntax and/or name on each card. Excluding one of the facts on each card is useful for testing your knowledge. Additionally, the size, border style, color, and paper size of each card can be changed to best fit your needs. After you have customized the flashcard set you can download it, as a PDF, for printing in A4 or US Letter page sizes. 

Flashcard Features

  • Includes 10 Python math operations
  • Each card includes syntax and names
  • Choose between 4 card sizes and colors
  • Creates a printable PDF in A4 or US Letter Format

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