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Baby Animal Name Flashcards

Baby Animal Name Flashcards example

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Young animals are often referred to by a different name than adults of the same species. Having a working knowledge of these names can be useful in many areas, including the next trivia competition. Students may often encounter the names of baby animals in a visit to the local zoo, a visit to a farm, or in many different types of literature. Knowing which species these names refer to is needed to fully understand the information being presented. These flashcards are designed to help students learn the baby names of 134 different species of animals.

The baby animal name flash card maker creates unique flash cards for animals along with the names for its young. The cards are grouped by the classes amphibia, aves, mammalia and reptilllia. You can choose to include one or all of the classes in your flashcard set. Additionally, you can change the size, color, border style, and facts to include on each card. After customizing, the flashcards can be printed or downloaded as a PDF in US Letter or A4 paper sizes.


  • Includes 134 animals
  • Up to 3 names on each card
  • 4 card colors and sizes
  • Flashcards are generated as a printable PDF
  • Optimized for A4 or US Letter paper sizes

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