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Subtraction Worksheet

Subtraction Worksheet example

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Create printable subtraction worksheets that are customized to meet your specific application. The problems on each worksheet are randomly generated to your specifications, so you can create multiple unique worksheets for your students. Each worksheet can contain up to 30 problems. The minuends (top number) can be customized to include numbers with 1 to 4 digits each. The subtrahends (bottom number) can be set to include numbers with 1 to 3 digits each. Additionally, each problem can be set to generate in a vertical or horizontal format. The worksheet headers can include blanks for any combination of name and date, student ID, or class period. After you have customized the worksheet you can download and print it as a unique PDF. The PDFs can be generated in US Letter or A4 page sizes.

Worksheet Features

  • Up to 30 problems on each worksheet
  • Choose subtrahend and minuend length
  • Problem sets are randomly generated
  • Creates a PDF in US Letter or A4 format

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