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Skip Counting Worksheet

A free customizable and printable skip counting worksheet maker. Include up to 15 number sets on each page.

Skip Counting Worksheet example

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Skip counting, or counting by a number other than 1, is a technique used to teach multiplication or addition of like numbers. This type of counting is also referred to as counting by 2s, 5s, or 10s. It is commonly used in everyday life to count money or groups of products such as canned drinks.

One of the most common applications for skip counting is counting money. If a person has a small stack of 5 dollar bills they will "skip" count them by 5s. Skip counting is also very helpful for counting products that come in groups of 4, 6, 10 or more. If a person has 7 six-packs of soda it is much faster to count them by 6s, than to count each soda individually. This worksheet is designed to help students practice skip counting or for teachers to determine their abilities.

The skip counting worksheet maker can make a variety of customized worksheets for practicing counting by numbers between 2 and 11. Each worksheet can include between 1 and 15 unique number sets to complete. The blanks for each problem can be set to occur at the beginning of the number set, end of the number set, or divided throughout. Additionally, the number set length and start number range can be easily changed to meet your preferences. After the worksheet has been customized, you can download it as a unique PDF file in US Letter or A4 paper sizes. Each counting worksheet includes a matching answer sheet for easy grading.

Worksheet Features

  • Up to 15 problems on each unique worksheet
  • Choose the skip numbers, blanks, start numbers, and set length
  • Customize headers with blanks for student name, date, ID, and class period
  • Creates a PDF in A4 or US Letter Format
  • Includes a matching answer sheet

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