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Single Digit Multiplication Worksheets

Craft the perfect single digit multiplication worksheet. Choose between A4 and US Letter page sizes. Customize the number of problems to tackle and fine-tune the minimum and maximum factors for a customized practice session. Creating your ideal worksheet is just a few clicks away!

Single Digit Multiplication Worksheets example

This multiplication worksheet maker creates unique, dynamically generated, multiplication worksheets with only single digit multipliers and multiplicands. The number of problems can be customized to the needs of your student. Each worksheet can contain 12 to 42 problems. After customizing the worksheet you can download it as a unique PDF with a matching answer key. The PDF can be optimized for US Letter or A4 paper sizes.

Worksheet Features

  • Up to 42 problems
  • 1 digit multipliers and multiplicands
  • Vertical format problems
  • Includes answer key
  • Generates PDF in US Letter and A4 sizes

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