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Multiplication with Significant Figures Worksheet

Multiplication with Significant Figures Worksheet example

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The products of multiplication problems will often be a number that appears much more precise than the multiplier or multiplicand used to make the calculation. This is known as false precision which can also lead to overconfidence in the accuracy of information. Results of calculations need to be rounded to the correct number of significant figures in order to present them without falsely representing the precision of the information. In the case of multiplication we need to determine the the number of significant digits in the multiplier and multiplicand. The product will then be rounded so that the significant digits do not exceed the significant digits in either number used to calculate it. This free customizable and printable worksheet is designed to give students valuable practice in rounding the products of multiplication calculations.

The multiplication with significant figures worksheet maker creates up to 24 unique problems on each worksheet that are customized to your preferences. The numbers are randomly generated using an algorithm that is designed to produce unique problem sets with a variety of rounding scenarios. You can choose to include problems with two numbers, three numbers, or a mixture of both. The matching answer key that is included with each worksheet has answers that are rounded to the correct number of significant figures, so you can quickly check the students performance. After you have customized the worksheet, you can download it as a PDF in US Letter or A4 format.

Worksheet Features

  • Up to 24 problems on each unique worksheet
  • All problems are randomly generated
  • Include 2 or 3 numbers in each problem
  • Includes matching answer key with correct rounding
  • Print or download as PDF in US Letter or A4 format

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