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Rounding Money Worksheet

Rounding Money Worksheet example

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When working with money it is often useful to shorten or simplify values by rounding them. We do this by replacing the numbers with similar numbers that are shorter or simpler, while still being about equal to the original value. Rounding is a very useful tool that we frequently utilize to make working with money faster and easier.

It is often beneficial to connect math concepts to real world examples. Some examples of rounding money include determining how much money is needed for a purchase, calculating the total cost of items while shopping, and making many transaction in countries without 1 cent coins. A good example, of all three of these, is a trip to the grocery store. First, you know you usually spend $75 at the store, but you only have $20 bills. You will need to round the $75 up to the nearest $20, so you have enough money with you to buy groceries. After you arrive at the grocery store it is useful to keep track of the cost of all the items in your cart. This would be difficult if you are keeping track of the exact values, so it is often useful to round the cost of each item to the nearest dollar. Instead of having to add $11.59 and and $4.19 you only have to add $12 and $4 which is much simpler. Finally, if you are in many countries like Canada, without 1 cent coins, the cashier will round the total cost of your purchase to the nearest 5 cents. If your total is $76.71 the cashier will round it to $76.70. The customizable and printable worksheet below is designed to help students practice rounding money, so they can better utilize this very useful skill.

The rounding money worksheet maker creates worksheets from a randomly generated set of values. Randomly generating the numbers allows you to create multiple worksheets without repeating the same problems. You can simply select the number of problems that you want on the worksheet and the type of rounding that you want the student to do. Each sheet can contain up to 40 problems that need to be rounded to the nearest dollar or nearest ten cents. You can also customize the page header with blanks for the name and date, ID, or class period. After customizing, the worksheet can be downloaded as a PDF in A4 or US Letter sizes. Each worksheet is generated with a matching answer sheet.

Worksheet Features

  • Up to 40 rounding money problems on each worksheet
  • Round to nearest dollar or ten cents
  • Randomly generated values for multiple unique worksheets
  • Creates PDFs in A4 or US Letter format
  • Includes matching answer sheet

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