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Rounding Integers Worksheet

Create customized worksheets for students to practice rounding integers to tens, hundreds, or thousands.

Rounding Integers Worksheet example

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Rounding is a useful skill we use to make numbers simpler, easier to communicate, and more useful in some circumstances. We round integers by replacing them with a simpler number that has about the same value. It is often useful to connect math to "real-life" examples for students. Here are some examples of how people benefit from rounding:

  • When students read a book it may be useful to remember how many pages it had, in case a friend asks them in the future. Instead of remembering it has exactly 198 pages, they can round it up to 200 and simply remember "about 200 pages".
  • Numbers are sometimes rounded to make them easier to communicate. A town may have a population of 67,159. Instead of communicating that it has "sixty-seven thousand one hundred and fifty-nine people" it is easier to say "about sixty-seven thousand people".
  • Numbers can also be rounded to make them more useful. A student may need to get cookies for a class party. The cookies are available in boxes of 10, and the class has 28 students. The bakery will not sell exactly 28 cookies, so the student can round the number up to the nearest ten. Now they can go to the bakery and request 30 cookies.

The rounding integers worksheet maker creates customized worksheets for students to practice this essential skill. The numbers on every worksheet are randomly generated to meet your specifications. Choose between 1 and 40 problems on each worksheet and four different integer lengths. The worksheets include rounding to the nearest ten, hundred, or thousand. Additionally, you can customize the worksheet headers with blanks for the student name and ID, date, or class period. After customizing you can download the worksheet as a unique PDF with a matching answer sheet in US Letter or A4 paper sizes.

Worksheet Features

  • Up to 40 rounding integer problems on each worksheet
  • Round to nearest ten, hundred, or thousand
  • Randomly generated values for multiple unique worksheets
  • Creates PDFs in A4 or US Letter format
  • Matching answer sheet included

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