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Roman Numerals Symbols Flashcards

Roman Numerals Symbols Flashcards example

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The numerals system from ancient Rome has almost completely been replaced by the modern, Arabic based, numeral system we use today. However, you can still encounter them in a few places. Roman numerals can be found on various monuments and buildings, in the titles of some sporting events, and in the Harvard Outline style found in most word processors. This makes the ability to interpret Roman Numerals a relevant skill. The Roman Numerals Symbols Flashcards are designed to help student memorize the value that each Roman numeral symbol represents.

This customizable and printable flashcard set covers the Roman numeral symbols I, V, X, L , C, D, and M. The cards can be set to include both the symbol and value or only the symbol or value. This makes the cards useful for studying as traditional flashcards or for use as a matching game. The card color, border style, and size can also be customized to fit your preferences. After customizing, the card set can be printed or downloaded as a PDF that is optimized for US Letter or A4 paper sizes.

Flashcard Features

  • Symbols I, V, X, L, C, D, and M
  • 4 or 6 cards per page
  • Red, green, blue, or black border color
  • Print with solid borders, cut lines, or no borders

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