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Reverse Skip Counting Worksheet

This worksheet maker randomly generated customized worksheets with up to 15 reverse skip counting scenarios.

Reverse Skip Counting Worksheet example

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Reverse skip counting is a technique for counting down by a number other than 1. It can be used to practice subtraction or for teaching students to identify simple patterns.

This type of skip counting is an excellent way for students to practice basic mental subtraction or subtraction with a calculator. When reverse skip counting students will need to subtract by the same number multiple times. Completing skip counting sequences is also an excellent way to practice identifying simple patterns. In order to complete these sequences students will need to identify the simple pattern or relationship between the given numbers. This customizable worksheet is designed to help practice these techniques.

The reverse skip counting worksheet maker can make a variety of unique worksheets with up to 15 problems each. The numbers skipped by, in the problems, can be any combination of numbers between 2 and 11. Blanks in each number sequence can be customized to occur at the beginning of the sequence, end of the sequence, or throughout the sequence. The number set length and range of last numbers in the sequence can also be selected to create a worksheet that best meets your needs. After customizing the worksheet, you can print or download it as a unique PDF file in US Letter or A4 page sizes. A matching answer sheet is included with each reverse skip counting worksheet.

Worksheet Features

  • 1 to 15 problems on each customized worksheet
  • Choose the skip size, blanks, start numbers, and set length
  • Customize headers with the student name, date, ID, and class period
  • Creates a printable PDF in US Letter or A4 Format
  • Includes a unique matching answer sheet

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