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Repeated Addition Worksheet

This printable repeated addition worksheet can be quickly customized to meet your requirements.

Repeated Addition Worksheet example

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Repeated addition is the addition of a number to itself one or more times. This strategy can be used as a method of mentally solving basic multiplication problems or commonly as an introduction to multiplication. This makes it an important exercise for students to complete, usually in their third year of school.

When completing simple mental multiplication calculations it is sometimes effective to use repeated addition. For example, one method of mentally solving the calculation 2 multiplied by 512 is to add 512 to itself. For some individuals, this is often simpler than mentally solving the same multiplication problem. Repeated addition is also used to introduce multiplication to many students. The two operations are not the same, but they will give the same result when applied to natural numbers. When introducing multiplication with repeated addition it important to teach students that they are not the same operation. This will help to prevent confusion later when students start multiplying with non-natural numbers such as fractions. This worksheet is designed to help students practice these concepts or to test their proficiency.

The repeated addition worksheet maker creates vertical format repeated addition worksheets that are customized to meet your preferences. You can select the number of problems on each worksheet, the number of addends in each problem, and the number of digits in each number. The worksheet headers can be customized with blanks for the student name and date, ID, or class period. After customizing, you can print the worksheet or download is a PDF in US Letter or A4 page sizes.

Worksheet Features

  • Up to 30 problems on each unique worksheet
  • Choose the number of addends and digits in each problem
  • Customize headers with name, date, ID, and class period
  • Creates a printable PDF in A4 or US Letter Format
  • Includes a matching answer sheet

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