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Number Line Worksheets

Number lines are a visual representation of real numbers evenly spaced on a straight line. Almost, any number can be plotted on a number line including positive numbers, negative numbers, fractions, and decimals. Number lines are an important educational tool in the math curriculum. Students are usually first introduced to number lines as a tool to help build their number sense or understanding of a numbers magnitude and its relationship to other numbers. Later in the students education, number lines are used to teach how numbers are effected by various mathematical operations.

We currently have two number line resources that you can utilize to help students improve their understanding of numbers. The first resource is a Blank Number Lines Worksheet generator that creates sets of up to 12 custom number lines on a page. It can be used for teaching numbers, basic math operations, decimals, fractions and more. Almost every aspect of the document is easily customized, including the number of lines, number ranges, divisions, labels, and more. The second resources is the Integers on a Number Line Worksheet. The student’s goal is to indicate the position of one or two integers on each number line. This worksheet includes a matching answer key for easy grading.