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Multiplication Worksheet

This multiplication worksheet maker allows you to quickly customize and print unique worksheets & answer keys.

Multiplication Worksheet example
Multiplicand Digits:
Multiplier Digits:

The multiplication worksheet maker creates multiplication worksheets that are easily customized to meet your needs. You can print single digit problems for practicing multiplication facts or include larger numbers for practicing long multiplication. Problems can be either vertical or horizontal format. Multiplicands can be set to be 1 to 4 digits in length and multipliers can be set to be 1 to 3 digits in length. Headers can contain blanks for name and student ID, class period, or date. All problems are randomly generated using a custom algorithm, so you can create multiple unique worksheets without repeating the same problems. After customizing, you can download the worksheet as a unique PDF in A4 or US Letter format. Each PDF includes a matching answer key.

Worksheet Features

  • Up to 30 problems on each worksheet
  • Vertical or horizontal problem format
  • Select the range of multiplier and multiplicand lengths
  • Customize headers with name and date, ID, or class period
  • Creates a unique PDF in A4 or US Letter page sizes
  • Includes a matching answer key

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