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Measurement Flash Cards and Worksheets

The measurement worksheets and flashcards are designed to help students become proficient at working with various measurements. When working with measurements it is important for students to be able to interpret the various abbreviations they encounter. The Measurement Abbreviations Flashcards will help students learn 28 of the most commonly used abbreviations for measuring temperature, length, mass, and volume. If you are looking to teach or learn the various metric prefixes that are used to modify various units, the Metric Prefixes Flashcards will assist in the learning process. They contain 20 of the most commonly used metric prefixes with their symbol, name, power of ten, and decimal equivalents. After students have mastered the abbreviations and prefixes it is important for them to be able to accurately convert between various units of measure. Dimensional analysis is an excellent method for accomplishing even the most complex unit conversions. The Dimensional Analysis Worksheet is designed for students to practice unit conversions for measurements of length, time, mass, and volume.