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Measurement Abbreviations Flashcards

Learn abbreviations for common measurements with these free customizable flashcards. Print or study online.

Measurement Abbreviations Flashcards example

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Study the metric & US standard measurement abbreviations commonly used to measure temperature, length, mass, and volume with these customizable and printable flashcards. The cards can be customized to contain the abbreviations and names of up to 28 measurements. You have the option to exclude the US standard abbreviations. The facts on the cards, card size, border color, border style, and paper size are all customizable. After customizing the cards to your preferences, the flashcard maker will generate a unique PDF for you to download and print. The PDF can be optimized for US Letter or A4 format.

Resource Features

  • 28 Metric and US Standard abbreviations
  • 4 card size options
  • Border colors: red, green, blue, and black
  • US Letter or A4 paper sizes

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