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Integer Place Value Chart

A customizable and printable integer place value chart that includes ones to hundred billions.

Integer Place Value Chart example

Heads up! We're upgrading the generator. Static PDFs available while we improve things.

The integer place value chart can be quickly customized and downloaded as a PDF for printing. The chart by default includes ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, millions, ten millions, hundred millions, billions, ten billions, and hundred billions. Including decimals from tenths to thousandths is optional. Additionally, you can choose a full color chart, greyscale, or black and white. After customizing the place value chart, you can download it as a printable PDF. The PDF can be optimized for printing on US Letter or A4 paper sizes.

Resource Features

  • Includes ones to hundred billions
  • Optional decimals from tenths to thousandths
  • Color, greyscale, or black & white
  • Creates a PDF in US Letter or A4 sizes

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