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Greatest Common Factor Worksheet

A customizable and printable worksheet for practice calculating the greatest common factor of integer pairs.

Greatest Common Factor Worksheet example

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The greatest common factor or greatest common divisor of two integers is the largest number that divides the two integers without a remainder. This number is often used when reducing fractions.

The greatest common divisor worksheet maker generates unique problem sets. The problem sets are designed for your student or child to practice determing the greatest common factor for pairs of numbers. Each worksheet can be customized to include up to 40 problems each. The maximum number included in the sets can be 9 to 99. Headers on the worksheet are also customizable with blanks for the student name, date, class period and ID. After the worksheet is customized you can download it as a unique PDF. Each worksheet includes a matching answer key. The PDF can be optimized for US Letter or A4 paper sizes.

Worksheet Features

  • Worksheets are randomly generated
  • 1 to 40 problems on each worksheet
  • Numbers 9 to 99
  • Creates a unique PDF
  • US Letter or A4 page sizes

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