STEM Sheets

Graph Paper

Tired of wasting paper with pre-printed graph paper that doesn't fit your project? Unleash your creativity with custom graph paper and dot grid generators from STEM Sheets! Design the perfect grid for any project, from plotting complex functions to sketching 3D masterpieces.

Endless customization options:

  • Spacing: Choose the perfect grid size for your project.
  • Color: Make your graphs pop with vibrant colors.
  • Line/Dot Size: Fine for detailed work or bold lines for easy visibility.
  • And more: Explore a variety of grid styles and layouts.

Optimize for any paper size: Generate graphs perfectly sized for A4 or US Letter paper, maximizing your paper usage.

Say goodbye to generic grids and hello to infinite possibilities!

  • Plot functions across quadrants with ease.
  • Draw stunning isometric illustrations.
  • Sketch detailed scientific diagrams.
  • Create unique artistic patterns.

Start creating your masterpiece today!