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Dimensional Analysis Worksheet

A customizable and printable worksheet for practicing unit conversions using the dimensional analysis method.

Dimensional Analysis Worksheet example

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Dimensional analysis, also known as the factor-label method or unit-factor method, is commonly used to convert values from one unit to another. This method is based on the fact that a measurement can be multiplied by one without effecting the value of the measurement. In the case of dimensional analysis we multiply measurements by a unit-factor that is equal to one. For example, we can convert 10 inches to centimeters by multiplying it by the unit-factor "2.54 cm/ 1 inch", since this unit-factory is equal to one. This customizable and printable worksheets is designed to help students practice converting measurements using the dimensional analysis technique.

The dimensional analysis worksheet maker creates customized worksheets with up to 10 problems each. You can customize the problems on the worksheet to include measurements for any combination of length, mass, time, and volume measurements. Also, you can choose to include or exclude blank tables in each problem that can be useful for completing the unit conversions. The problem sets are randomly generated using a custom algorithm, so you can create many different worksheets without repeating the same problems. The measurements in each problem are designed to divide evenly, avoiding answers that contain non-terminating repeating decimal numbers, so rounding is not required. After you have finished customizing the problem sets, you can set the page headers to include blanks for the student name and date, class period, or student ID. Once you have fully customized the worksheet to your preferences, it can be downloaded as a PDF in US Letter or A4 paper sizes. Each worksheet includes a matching answer key with a complete solution for each problem.

Printable Features

  • Up to 10 problems on each worksheet
  • Randomly created problems for multiple worksheets
  • Practice converting length, mass, time, and volume
  • Paper sizes include US letter or A4

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