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Converting Fractions to Decimals Worksheet

Students can practice converting fractions to decimals with this customizable and printable worksheet.

Converting Fractions to Decimals Worksheet example

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The converting fractions to decimals worksheet maker creates unique worksheets for practicing decimal to fraction and fraction to decimal conversions. You can create up to 30 customized problems on each worksheet. The problems can be set-up for students to convert fractions to decimals or decimals to fractions. Negative numbers are optional and the precision of each decimal can be limited to allow for simpler conversions. Additionally, you can customize the headers to include blanks for the student name and date, ID, or class period. After you have customized the worksheet, it can be printed or downloaded as a PDF in US Letter or A4 format. Each worksheet PDF includes a matching answer sheet for easier grading.

Worksheet Features

  • Creates up to 30 problems on each worksheet
  • Optional negative numbers
  • Optional decimal to fractions conversions
  • Creates a unique PDF in US Letter or A4 Format
  • Includes matching answer key

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