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Blank Clock Faces Worksheet

The blank clock faces worksheet can be customized with up to 12 clock faces and downloaded as a printable PDF.

Blank Clock Faces Worksheet example

Heads up! We're upgrading the generator. Static PDFs available while we improve things.

This customizable and printable worksheet maker generates a one page printable PDF with up to 12 blank clock faces. The worksheet is a great tool for students that are learning to tell time. The customization options for this resource include the worksheet header, number of clocks on each worksheet, and the numbers on each clock. The worksheet header can include blanks for the student’s name, ID, class period, and date. Each worksheet can include 1 to 12 clock faces that are automatically resized to fit the page. The numbers on the clock face are optional and can include Roman numerals. After customizing the worksheet it can be downloaded as a printable PDF. The PDF can be optimized for printing on US Letter or A4 paper sizes.

Worksheet Features

  • 1 to 12 clock faces per worksheet
  • Optional numbers or Roman numerals on face
  • Download as a PDF
  • Optimize for A4 or US Letter paper

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